Welcome to Andrea Regina Biedermann's Research Page

I have been fascinated by minerals and rocks for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I smuggled tons of them into my dad’s backpack during family hikes. I spent twelve years researching magnetic properties of minerals and rocks, using a variety of magnetic and other methods to better understand geologic processes on our planet. A large part of my work deals with the characterization of mineral or material magnetic properties (e.g. ability to carry magnetization, anisotropy), mineral identification, and using magnetic proxies as efficient tools to describe e.g. mineral fabrics, or environmental conditions. I passionately teach geophysics, rock and paleomagnetism. Together with my students, we advanced magnetic methods to characterize the pore space in rocks. 

The more I worked with students, the more I developed an interest in counseling. Therefore, I got an additional degree in coaching, and now enjoy working on career planning and application strategies with young scientists.


Want to collaborate?

As I have left science in autumn 2022 to counsel early career researchers, I can no longer be involved in projects. However, I am happy to share my experience with and thoughts on magnetic anisotropy in single crystals and rocks or the many artefacts that may arise when measuring magnetic pore fabrics. Just get in touch with your questions.