Welcome to Andrea Regina Biedermann's Research Page

I have been fascinated by minerals and rocks for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I smuggled tons of them into my dad’s backpack during family hikes. A few years later, and after having studied geophysics, I am now privileged to work with minerals or rocks on a daily basis – be it during field work or in the lab. My research focuses on

  • How magnetic anisotropy in single crystals is related to crystal structure and chemical composition
  • The relationship between mineral and magnetic fabrics in rocks
  • The effects anisotropy has on the direction and intensity of remanent magnetization, or the shape and amplitude of magnetic anomalies
  • How we can use magnetic anisotropy to investigate pore fabrics and preferred flow directions

This knowledge can be used to interpret magnetic anisotropy in terms of geologic processes or rock texture, to infer preferred flow directions, and for a more reliable interpretation of paleomagnetic directions and magnetic anomalies.


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2 papers on partial anhysteretic remanence anisotropy are published:

  • Biedermann, A.R., Jackson, M., Stillinger, M.D., Bilardello, D., and Feinberg, J.M., Anisotropy of full and partial anhysteretic remanence across different rock types: 1. Are partial anhysteretic remanence anisotropy tensors additive? Tectonics
  • Biedermann, A.R., Jackson, M., Bilardello, D., and Feinberg, J.M., Anisotropy of full and partial anhysteretic remanence across different rock types: 2. Coercivity-dependence of remanence anisotropy. Tectonics


Public lecture on magnetic stripes at the ocean floor on Jan 17th, 2020 (in German) - Öffentlicher Vortrag zu magnetischen Streifen am Ozeanboden, für die Mineralien-und Fossilienfreunde Bern, am 17. Jan 2020 um 19.30 im Naturhistorischen Museum Bern: Streifenmuster am Ozeanboden: Was magnetische Mineralien über die Bewegung der Kontinente erzählen >>


Upcoming presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting 2019:

  • Biedermann., A.R. (Invited): Current challenges and future developments in magnetic fabric research
  • Biedermann., A.R., Pugnetti, M., Zhou, Y.: Shape and distribution anisotropy contributions to magnetic pore fabrics
  • Ferré, E.C., Biedermann., A.R., Teyssier, C.: The long alteration history of peridotites in the New Caledonia ophiolite: from ocean ridge to obduction and beyond


My paper on 'Magnetic pore fabrics: the role of shape and distribution anisotropy in defining the magnetic anisotropy of ferrofluid-impregnated samples' is published >>